NU GPA Converter

List of NU GPA Conversions

Letter Grade Marks GPA Scale (4.00)
A+ 80–100 4.0
A 75–80 3.75
A- 70–75 3.50
B+ 65–70 3.25
B 60–65 3.0
B- 55–60 2.75
C+ 50–55 2.50
C 45–50 2.25
D 40–45 2.0
F (Fail) Less then 40 0.00

What is the NU GPA Scale?

You’ve probably heard the term, National University GPA or Grade Point Average. And discovered how important it is during your study and your early career. The GPA grade scale is used to determine a student's academic ability. 

It is very important for a student to have an idea about the grade scale as it will be very useful in his / her student life and future life. This is equally important for a National University student as it is important to have an idea of the GPA grade scale in each case.

GPA is usually calculated by determining a student's letter grade. However, the National University has its own GPA grade scale by which students' GPA is calculated and results are determined accordingly.

Let's not know more details about this.

How to Use NU GPA Converter?

If you want to convert GPA to mark or letter grade then this tool is very useful for you. How many marks do you get, how many marks in a letter grade or grade, or how many marks in how many marks everything can be found with this GPA converter. So let's see how I can easily find out the GPA conversion rate using this converter.

This converter is not paired to convert GPA to mark or convert GPA to point or convert letter grade to mark. All you have to do is select your desired letter grade or select a mark or select a point. As soon as you select the point letter grade or mark, you will see that they are showing the conversion rate. 

nu gpa converter

For example, if you select the A+ letter grade, you will see how many marks are in A + and also how many points are in A+ Letter Grade. This way, by selecting your desired letter grade or mark, or point, you can easily find out their rate or scale at them.

Why Do You Need to Know This?

Now let me know why you or I should know about the GPA grade scale of the National University in detail. When we want to convert our results to GPA or CGPA today, we will need this GPA grade scale. It is not an organ. It is not a formula. National University has decided how and in what way GP and CGPA should be calculated.

A National University student must know about GPA or CGPA grading system. Because we often see students get confused after the results are published, how they can figure out how their GP's result or CGPA result will be counted. 

So I think a national university student needs to know in detail about GPA and CGPA grading system. Our converter will easily help you to find out more about National University GPA and CGPA grading system. Knowing how your grades are converted from a percentage to a letter grade, and then into your GPA can really help you plan your future to meet your needs and goals. Knowing how each individual class grade is either going to help or hurt you can make a big difference. 

We have another tool with which you can easily convert the class system of the National University, that is, you can find out the details of how many grades a class has taken or how many points a class has taken. Its name is National University Class Converter.

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