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  • How to Use the NU CGPA Calculator

    The CGPA calculator is usually used to compile the results of each semester of each year.The system that averages the results of each year or every semester is the CGPA calculating system.Which the National University has determined how to find out the CGPA results. It's an average of averages, combining all your semester GPAs into a single, overall GPA. Want to figure out yours? Let's take a look.

    Hopefully from this video you get a complete idea of how you can calculate GPA or CGPA results of National University using this calculator. In order to calculate GPA, you have to follow some rules i.e. you have to calculate GPA according to some rules of the National University. Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to calculate GPA or calculate CGPA.

    Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Not into videos? Check out the list below to follow along and figure out your cumulative GPA.

    1. Input your current GPA Result

      In the first field, enter your most recent cumulative GPA along with the corresponding credit hours.

    2. Enter your course name (Optional)

      Give each of your courses a name so that you'll be able to enter your grades in the proper row (it'll look nice too).

    3. Input your course grade

      Select a letter grade for each of your courses from the dropdown. (Example: A+, A-, B, C+, D)

    4. Enter your course credits

      If you take a look at your syllabus, you will see that the credit for each course is set differently. You have to input that credit hours here.

    5. Add another course (optional)

      Taking a heavy course load? Add as many extra classes as you need using the blue "add course" button near the bottom.

    6. Add another semester (optional)

      If your current GPA doesn't include all your semesters feel free to create more, and add in the rest of your courses.

    What is NU CGPA Calculator?

    A complete result of the National University is combined to produce a result called CGPA or CGPA result of the National University. A result calculating the results of more than one-year of examination of the National University is called the CGPA result. 

    The method by which these CGPA results are calculated or the tool used to calculate the CGPA results is called the National University CGPA Calculator.

    Converting your letter grade to a grade point average (GPA)

    Letter Grade Marks 4.0 GPA Scale
    A+ 80–100 4.0
    A 75–80 3.75
    A- 70–75 3.50
    B+ 65–70 3.25
    B 60–65 3.0
    B- 55–60 2.75
    C+ 50–55 2.50
    C 45–50 2.25
    D 40–45 2.0
    F (Fail) Less then 40 0.00

    How NU CGPA results are calculated?

    Now we will see how to find out the CGPA results of National University using a C GPA calculator. The National University has a method of finding out the CGPA results which the National University itself has fixed. Calculating according to this method or rule of the National University is a little complicated.

    But using our CGPA calculator you can easily get your CGPA results without knowing any rules. All you have to do is enter your result grade in our calculator and then read your CGPA result. Let's see how you can calculate the CGPA result.

    nu gpa calculation

    This way you can easily calculate your 3 years or 4-year CGPA by adding more than one year using this calculator. 

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