NU Degree GPA Calculator

NU Degree CGPA Calculator

NU Degree GPA Calculator will help you to calculate your National University Degree GPA Result for free. You can use this GPA calculator to calculate degree GPA results without knowing any kind of mathematical logic. Try this degree GPA calculator now.

NU Degree GPA Calculator

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This calculator is very important for all students studying in the degree department of the National University. As you have already seen, the GPA result from the first year of the degree to the third year can be calculated very easily through this calculator.

Then we will see step by step how you can easily calculate the result of degree GPA using this calculator. We will discuss each part of the calculator one by one to help you understand how to use this degree CGPA calculator.

How to Calculate NU Degree GPA Result?

Now we will discuss how to calculate the GPA result of the National University degree. In this part, we will show you how you can easily calculate the degree GPA result using the calculator. Let’s start without delay.

Select Your Degree Course

First, you need to select the degree course to start the calculation. That is, you have to select which course you are studying in National University under Degree (BA/BSS/BSc).

degree gpa calculator course select

Degree Study Year

Next, you have to select which year of the degree you are studying. That is, if you are studying in the first year of the National University degree, then you have to select the first year in the calculator.

degree year select

If you are studying in the second year then you have to select the second year. And if you are studying in final year then you have to select the third year.

Select Your Degree Subject

After selecting the degree course and year, you have to select the subjects of the year being studied in the calculator. You have to select the optional subjects manually and the rest of the subjects will be automatically selected in the NU Degree GPA Calculator.

nu degree gpa calculator

Grade/Point Selection

After the subject selection in the calculator, you have to input the grade points. That is, you have to select or input the grade or point you got in each subject-wise in the calculator.

NU degree gpa calculation

Generally, the letter grade option is given in the selection option in the default system of the calculator. You can select subject-wise letter grades or input subject-wise points. By giving anyone you can calculate the GPA result.

Final GPA Calculation Result

After inputting all the above information correctly in the calculator, click on the calculate button. After clicking on the calculate button, you will see your degree GPA points and letter grade at the bottom.

Degree GPA calculation

In the result section you will get two different results one is GPA Grade Point and another is GPA Letter Grade. Thus you can easily calculate the GPA result of the National University degree with the help of this calculator.

NU Degree GPA Calculator Online

NU Degree GPA Calculator is an online calculator with the help of which the undergraduate students of the National University degree department can calculate their GPA results.

Calculations are very easy with the help of this calculator. Students do not need to know any kind of mathematical formulas to make calculations. Only after selecting the course and year and then selecting the subject, the automatic GPA result will be calculated.

National University Degree GPA Calculator is given in the above part of this post. If you want, you can go there and select your subject-wise different grade, or by inputting grade points, you can calculate your final degree GP result.

Degree GPA Calculation FAQ

National University students ask us some frequent questions at different times which we will try to answer in this part. Hope students will get answers to their desired questions from this part.

What is the GPA for NU Degree?

The GPA (grade point average) in the National University Degree is 4.00 = A+, 3.75 = A, 3.50 = A-, 3.25 = B+, 3.00 = B, 2.75 = B-, 2.50 = C+, 2.25 = C, 2.00 = D, 0.00 = Fail. Where 3.00 to 4.00 = First class, 2.25 to 2.75 = Second Class, and 2.00 = Third class.

How to calculate Degree GPA result?

To calculate Degree GPA result, the degree GPA result will be calculated by selecting the subject-wise letter grade or points in the NU Degree GPA Calculator.


by using NU Degree GPA Calculator you will calculate your first second and third-year degree GPA results online for free and quickly. The most important thing is that you don’t need to know any mathematical logic to use this calculator. You can calculate your degree GPA result from this calculator by just inputting your degree subject-wise letter grade or points.

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