NU Honours CGPA Calculator

NU Honours CGPA Calculator will help you to calculate your National University Honours GPA/CGPA result calculations.

If you are a National University Honors student then this calculator will help you a lot in your GPA and CGPA Result Calculation. Let’s use the NU Honors CGPA calculator now.

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You can easily find your GPA and CGPA results using National University’s Honors GPA/CGPA calculator. Below we have discussed in detail how to use this calculator.

If you face any kind of problem using this NU Honours CGPA Calculator then you can read the following calculator usage rules.

How to Calculate Honors CGPA Result?

Now we will discuss in detail how to use this Honors CGPA calculator. Here we will explain the different parts of each level of this calculator. So that students can learn to use this calculator very easily.

NU Honours CGPA Calculator Online

You can easily calculate Honors GPA and CGPA result by using this NU Honors CGPA Calculator Online. All students of National University can use this calculator online for free.

This Honors CGPA calculator is extremely easy to use. Any student studying at National University can easily calculate their results in GPA and CGPA with this calculator.

Honors CGPA calculator does not need to be linked because you are already on this calculator web page. Above you will find National University Honors CGPA calculator.

How to use the Honours GPA/CGPA Calculator?

Now we will see how you can convert your result to GPA or CGPA using Honors CGP Result Calculator. Here we will show you step-by-step how to use this calculator.

Subject Name

First you can write the result of what subject you are going to calculate in GPA or CGPA in the calculator. However, writing the name of the subject in the calculator is only an optional subject.

NU Honours CGPA Calculator

This will not be of any use later but for ease of understanding, you may want to enter the subject name into the calculator.

Select Grade

At this stage you have to select the grade for each subject. That is, the grade you obtained in each subject in the published results should be input in this calculator through Grade Select.

Honours GPA Calculator

For example, if you have got A+ in your first year in accounting then you have to select A+ grade in the calculator. Again, in case you got A- in the History subject, you have to select A- great in the calculator. In this way, you have to select the grade separately for each subject in the calculator.

Input Subject Credit

At this stage, you have to input the subject-wise credit into the calculator. You can follow your syllabus to know how many credits are in a subject or you can know it from your teacher.

Honours Calculator Credit Input

But usually, the main subjects of the National University are 4 credits.

Calculation Result GPA/CGPA

If you input everything correctly in the calculator, you will see the first-year GP result below. GPA and CGPA results can be calculated simultaneously using this calculator.

Honours CGPA Calculator

However, to get the CGP result, you have to add a new year by clicking the Add Year button below. And compared to the previous year, the grade and credit of each subject must be selected as before.

If you continue this process you will see the individual GPA of each year and the total CGPA result below. In this way, you can easily calculate the Honors GPA and CGPA result using this calculator.

National University Honours Grading System

At this stage, we will give you an idea about the latest Grading System of National University Honors. Because to calculate honors GP and CGPA, you must have an idea about the latest grading system of Honors.

Honours Later GradeMarks4.0 GPA Scale
A+80 to 1004.00
A75 to 803.75
A-70 to 753.50
B+65 to 703.25
B60 to 653.00
B-55 to 602.75
C+50 to 552.50
C45 to 502.25
D40 to 452.00
F (Fail)Less then 400.00

You need to secure minimum 40% marks to pass any exam of Honors Department of National University. And according to the grading system of National University, the highest grade of Honors is A+. And the lowest honors grading is F grade which is called fail.

NU Honours CGPA Calculation FAQ

In this section we will try to answer some frequently asked questions about the Honors CGPA calculator and calculations. Hope you will get the answer to your desired question from here.

How is CGPA calculated in Honours?

National University Honors CGPA is calculated based on student’s marks. If a student gets maximum marks then his grade is also highest. All these marks and grades are given to students in written and practical exam.

What is the CGPA for first Class Honours?

National University Under Honors CGPA 3.00 to 4.00 is counted as First class.

What is the pass marks in Honours Exam?

A student studying under honors in the National University must secure a minimum of 40% marks or D Grade to pass the examination.


Hope you can easily calculate your GP and CGPA results using NU Honors CGPA Calculator now. Thank you very much for using our Honors CGPA Calculator and for staying with us.

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