NU GPA Converter

NU GPA Converter will help you to convert your National University’s GPA result into Grade points and Latter Grades easily. This is a national university GPA converter, through which you can easily select your grade, mark or grade point and convert it to GPA, letter grade, or marks separately.

With this GPA converter above, it is possible to convert any grading point or any letter grade of National University into marks. That is, by this you can see how many marks you have got any grade or how many marks you have achieved in any grade.

With this NU GPA Converter you can also see how many GPA points you have earned in any letter grade. That is, you can easily convert letter grade or GPA with your exam marks. It is a very important tool for students through which they can convert their GPA and view it in different formats.

NU GPA Converter

NU GPA Convertion Rules 2023

We have described the GPA conversion rules under National University for you below. From here you can check the details of GPA letter grade or marks conversion rate under National University. Without further ado, let’s take a look at National University GPA Conversion Rules 2023.

Letter GradeMarksGPA Scale (4.00)
F (Fail)Less then 400.00

What is GPA under National University?

The total number obtained by a student participating in the examination under the National University is expressed through the average grade point. This is the GPA or average grade point result of the National University.

If you score 80 to 100% marks in any exam then you are considered to have achieved a GPA of 4.00. Thus GPA is given as A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C, C-, D and finally F Grade.

The GPA conversion rules that you can see above describe in detail how many marks are given, which grade is given and if any grade is given, how many marks fall under. Again, how many CGPA points, how many letter grades are given or how many marks fall under.

What is CGPA under National University?

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average of the GPA obtained by a student under the National University in more than one year or semester. This Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the result of GP obtained in more than one academic year by any candidate under the National University.

How to convert CGPA to a 4.0 scale?

The GPA obtained by a candidate in a course should be multiplied by the credits of that course. That is, let’s say you got a GPA of 3.56 in a subject, multiply it by the credit of that subject (i.e. 3 credit x 3.56). With Health, you would multiply 1 (credits) x 4.0 (GPA).

How to Convert NU GPA to Grade Point?

Using our NU GPA converter, you can easily convert your marks or Latter Grade to GPA grade points. This can be done using a small converter.

For this calculation you don’t need to know any mathematical logic only you need to select which grade you got in the exam. From the converter, you will convert it to GPA grade points and show it in front of you.

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